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Recommend Zeitschrift für arabische Linguistik

Zeitschrift für arabische Linguistik

Edited by Werner Arnold, Otto Jastrow and Shabo Talay

Erscheinungsweise: 2 issues a year
ISSN: 0170-026X
e-ISSN: 2747-4437

Our aim in founding the Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik was to establish a journal devoted exclusively to research in the field of Arabic linguistics, which hitherto had been published in a variety of journals of Oriental studies or linguistics; there was no publication reserved for Arabic linguistics. The Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik sets out to satisfy this need, being a forum where the results of research can be brought to the attention of scholars and discussed, new data made available without delay and new scholarly works reviewed. We hope to thus improve the exchange of information within the field of Arabic linguistics and to contribute towards promoting progress in the discipline, both with regard to data and methods. In addition we hope to make the discipline more widely known to researchers in neighboring fields and to the interested laypeople.

The journal is peer reviewed.


Current Issue

Issue 1 / 2024