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Texte en dialecte šāwi (ʿArab al-ʿAtīǧ) de Ruǧum Bēt X̣aḷaf̣/al-Kalxa (nord-est du Liban) Fāyiz Ǧihād az-Zīr al-ǝMkaḥḥal - ʿādāt u-taqālīd

Igor Younes

Pages 94 - 106

The aim of this paper is to present a full text in the Bedouin šāwi dialect of the ʿAtīǧ tribe which is established in the Wādi Xālǝd region of Lebanon in the far northeast of the country. The text is to be accompanied with a translation and a grammatical analysis in order to enlight the salient features of this dialect. The nature of the text is that of spontaneous speech relating the customs and the traditions of the tribe.

This article is written in French.


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